Common questions

Do I have to leave my university?

Nope! We’ll enroll you as what is called a transient student — you can take one class at another school without ever leaving or disrupting your regular education.

How do I get my credit?

When the course is completed, we will either request a transcript is sent back to your home school, or remind you to do so. Your university will then award credit for the class.

How long does it take to register?

Finding classes takes only a few minutes. After an application is submitted, it usually takes 2-3 business days for the student to be accepted by the school, but may take up to 7.

How does Quottly find the right classes?

Quottly brings together multiple points of data. We use articulation to determine which courses are transferable. We import the gen ed requirements to determine which transferable courses count for your degree. And we get the class schedules to determine which classes are actually being offered at convenient times.

How do transfer credits get approved?

Each university has a different process for approving transfer credit. In some cases, no pre-approval is necessary, in others, a course is transferable with advisor approval. We import each university’s rules and contact their advisors so we know the procedure. This enables us to let you fill out forms on the web, and then we can produce a PDF to email to the appropriate advisor, if necessary. You never have to leave Quottly to register and can complete the whole process online.

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