Transcript for Video 'Quottly - Graduate On Time and On Budget

Narrator: College students want to graduate on time, with a quality degree, and with as little debt as possible. That's harder than it sounds.

Kerrie, a student: So I'm a student at San Francisco State University and I work part time to pay my tuition. The required courses at my university are often full, or they conflict with my work schedule. It's really great to take courses at other universities that count towards my degree.

Narrator: Meet Quottly, the one-stop shop that lets students search, discover, and enroll in transferable, accreddited college courses. Quottly's database of more than two million courses at 700 plus colleges let students find classes that fit their budget and schedule, and count towards their degree.

Narrator: To find courses, Kerrie simply enters her home school, the degree requirements, and the course she wants to take at another school. Quottly finds Kerrie courses that count for credit at her school, fit her schedule, and often save her tons of money.

Narrator: After finding the right course, Quottly then automates Kerrie's registration and approval of her course credit.

Kerrie, a student: It's easy with Quottly. In the past three semesters, I saved $5,000 and I'm on track to graduate on time and on budget.

Narrator: Quottly. Graduate Smarter.